Art With Heart

in 2012, POBA began as an act of the heart –  as a family’s tribute to a deceased young man whose artistic talents were obvious and considerable and whose promise was not fulfilled or recognized during his lifetime.  Over the next two years, Songmasters had developed a tribute project –  POBA –  sufficient to bring the first artists and partners to the site.  Today, POBA displays thousands of works in hundreds of displays, tells the human stories of artists whom time has not recognized yet, provides real help to those who want to preserve creative legacies and collections, and assists working artists and arts organizations nationwide to promote and preserve the great works of under-recognized legacy artists.  As Songmasters wraps up its oversight and contributions to POBA after 5 years, we circle back in this, our last post,  to the founding impulse –  the beat of the heart  – that motivated the creation of POBA and that motivates the preservation of creative legacies:  love for an artist and the artist’s works.

Many of the artists displayed on POBA incorporated images of the “heart” in their works.  This motif was vividly and sweetly captured in the POBA exhibit, Art Lives, commemorating those artists lost to AIDS.   We especially refer you to the works of Ken Kendrick, Patrick Kelly and Mel Cheren, among others.  Art with Heart  is more than a metaphor or a visual image of the heart symbol in art work.  As a phrase, it is also a call, a tribute and a reminder that great art moves us and by touching our hearts, changes us.