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Materials On Our Site

If your use of our site includes your submission of audio, visual, or written content, by providing us with that material you are promising that the material you submit is original and owned by you and/or licensed to you by the material’s owner or creator. Your submission means you are giving us a license to use and continue to use the submitted material in any way we may see fit, without restriction, whether for use on this site or for our promotion of the site. Ownership and copyright in the original material is not transferred to us, but is kept by you. In submitting creative works, you agree to provide us with the name of the owner and copyright proprietor of the material you submit if you did not personally create the work. You understand that we respect and follow the United States Copyright and Trademark laws. If and when you make a submission to our site you are warranting that the submitted material does not and will not infringe on the rights of any third parties. Likewise, the act of submission affirms that your submission is made lawfully and in conformity with federal and state laws. If a claim is made to us that any of your material violates the rights of a third party – including the right of privacy – or that it violates any applicable law, we will be free to remove the identified material and take such other action as may be available or needed to remedy the problem.

POBA is a moderated and curated site. Members may develop password-protected storage vaults into which they place digital files up to the limits of the storage capacity of their vault(s). Storage vaults are not for public display or access. From this stored material, members may create display portfolios on the POBA site. Members may choose to participate in juried and other exhibitions or make some portion or all of their storage vault(s) available for public viewing in portfolios. Any public display of such privately-owned material on our site remains subject to the approval of poba-org.l3kdxr55-liquidwebsites.com. POBA reserves the right to access any stored material on the POBA site and to remove any or all material on the site that is obtained, stored or used in a manner inconsistent with applicable laws and regulations. POBA also reserves the right to use your publicly displayed materials in promoting visits to the overall site, other public portfolios, and its exhibits.

POBA will additionally develop and create its own content on the site. As displayed or as accessible on our site, such content is protected by applicable copyright and trademark laws. We grant you a limited license that gives you permission to temporarily download one copy of our contents for personal viewing only. This grant is solely a license, not a transfer of title. In downloading the one copy of the material from the site, you are not permitted to permanently store or modify the material; use the materials for any commercial purpose or public display; remove any copyright or proprietary notations; transfer the material to any other person; or “mirror” the material onto another server. Any violation of these restrictions allows us to thereafter terminate our license with you at our sole discretion. On license termination, you must destroy any downloaded materials in your possession, whether in electronic or printed form.


The materials on our website are provided “as is.” From time to time, such materials might include technical, typographical or photographic errors. We do not warrant that at any particular time the materials will be accurate, complete or current. We make no warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy or reliability of the materials on the site or on any of our linked sites. As a general policy, you should exercise good judgment and review the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use of any website you visit, whether through our links or otherwise. Though we may make changes to contained materials at any time without notice, we do not make any specific commitment to update material on any particular schedule.

This policy is effective starting September 1, 2013.