Privacy Policy

At POBA we are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. This privacy provision describes how and its own portals protect the information you provide, whether you do so intentionally or unknowingly, when you visit or submit information to us.


We will neither collect nor store ANY information about those who merely visit our site – PERIOD. It is NOT our intent to track you by name, IP address or any other means solely because you have chosen to visit us. We will not market or solicit you. Because we respect people’s privacy, we will not compile lists of visitors to the site for any present or future use or reference. We will keep track of cumulative visits to specific portions of the site and to the site as a whole. We do this to help us improve the site and its interactivity.


We will keep track of the membership information provided by individual members of POBA. We will not make this information available to anyone outside of POBA, unless you, our member, has requested our assistance in obtaining professional art-related services on your behalf. Even in such instance we will not disseminate private, personally identifying information, but with your approval, will disseminate designated materials containing appropriate attribution of ownership and copyright(s) detail.


We will keep track of the number of submissions we receive but not keep any record of how often any particular party visits. If you post contributions to interactive elements, however, your identification as you provide it to the site will be apparent to others. Also, because we respect copyright and trademark laws, if you submit content we need to keep temporary, internal track of your name and contact details in order to be able to reach out to you if any question arises about ownership or content of the submitted material. It is your obligation to observe copyright, trademark and any other applicable laws that have an impact on materials you post on this site.

Collectibles, reprints, and other transactions

We may make our own “POBA” and “Where the Arts Live” branded merchandise available through this site. If requested by a member, we will make reprints of that member’s artwork/images/recordings available for sale. We will also receive donations to keep operation of this site ongoing. Anyone who purchases merchandise or makes a donation will necessarily be required to provide sufficient personal information to make the transaction online (such as name/address/credit card information) but will be doing so directly and discretely through PayPal or similarly secured payment method, and not through us. The payment information will never be in our possession, nor stored or used by us in any fashion.

Cookies: No Cookies Unless You Bring the Milk!

We don’t use them – Nada, Never, Zilch! If you understand what a cookie does, then simply know we don’t use them. If you don’t know what a cookie does, you can simply set the matter aside – it is not applicable whether visiting or submitting to our site.

Links To Other Sites

Our site contains links to a few sites of others associated with or supportive of this project. We incorporate them only as an aid in achieving the mission of POBA.

Remember that once you leave our site we won’t have any control over the linked sites so their own privacy policies and practices are in effect as soon as you visit them. On our site, we are responsible for the protection of your information, but once you leave us we can’t ensure continuing protection of any information you may intentionally or inadvertently provide to the linked-in sites. So, as a general policy you should exercise good judgment and review the privacy policy of any website you visit whether through our links or otherwise.

Some of the sites we link to afford opportunities to access and/or purchase services related to the preservation, dissemination, and sale of creative works. Some of those sites may require a financial transaction. Though we do encourage you to visit our linked sites and partake of their offerings, PLEASE Keep Coming Back To POBA!

Controlling Your Personal Information

We will not sell, distribute or lease any information about you to anyone! If and when you need to fill out a form for a purchase you make through our site, you will see that on the secure payment site (e.g. PayPal) which handles the transaction, there is a box to click-on to indicate that you do not want the information you’re providing to be used by anyone else for direct marketing.

This policy is effective starting September 1, 2013.