Concierge Services

Find Expert, Customized Help to Manage, Preserve and Promote A Creative Legacy or Collection

The heart of POBA’s mission is to keep creative legacies and collections alive.  POBA Concierge is here to help you find customized, best-in-class assistance  to get your creative works in all fields organized, preserved, digitized, displayed, appraised, completed, marketed, sold, and more. The POBA Concierge can:

  • Assist you at any stage in the process or we can take you through the entire process
  • Help you with a single work or an entire collection, and in virtually any medium or genre
  • Match your needs with our expert resources to get you the assistance you need
  • Screen, arrange, negotiate, and/or oversee the concierge services you request, and do so on a fee structure and timeline you pre-approve.

So, whether you need a barn full of art inventoried and catalogued, an important collection appraised, a body of works photographed professionally for publication, a set of tape recordings salvaged, a valuable painting restored for sale, a collection of poetry transcribed, or other kinds of assistance to manage, preserve, and promote a creative legacy, POBA Concierge can help. We can even build the portfolios on POBA to display the creative legacy for which you are responsible, if you wish (though we do have helpful FAQs to make that DIY as well!). To see some of POBA’s remarkable and varied artist portfolios, please visit here.

To take advantage of the POBA Concierge, please complete the form below. We will get back to you quickly to discuss your needs and work out a customized plan with you.

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