About The Site


Members of POBA use onsite vaults for storage of digital files of the works of the artist in whose name they create the file. Vaults can be obtained of various storage capacities, and expanded or reduced as needs may change. Vaults are not for public use, but any of the digital works in a vault can also be placed into a public portfolio for display or collaboration.


Members of the POBA community create, maintain and revise their own storage vaults, into which their digital images are placed for storage and viewing. You can also share some or all of your works by creating one or more portfolios for public viewing, collaboration or sale. We encourage the public display of the creative works stored on this site, and hope this will afford you even more creative uses of the art works found on the POBA site. See FAQs about how to Create Your Own Vault and Create Your Own Portfolio and/or to seek our assistance if needed.


Exhibits are featured displays located and accessible from the home page of the POBA website. POBA, a curated site, encourages members to participate in exhibitions. There are four types of exhibitions: POBA Selects, Partner Selects, Member Selects, and Juried Exhibits.

To find out about how to take advantage of these features, please visit our FAQs to learn about the process.